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Introduction of Potentiometer module

1. Working principle

The potentiometer (adjustable resistor), it has three terminals, and its resistance can be adjusted according to a certain change rule.

Potentiometers are usually made up of resistors and rotating or sliding systems. This potentiometer, the analog value of the OUT pin output is 0~1023.


2. Practical application

2.1 As a voltage divider.

2.2 As a varistor.

2.3 Adjust the brightness of the light, adjust the knob to control the brightness of the RGB light.


3. About module

image.png image.png 

3.1 Potentiometer module possess 4 Alligator clip port, Corresponding to GND, VCC, NC and OUT. The OUT pin is the signal output pin of the button module.

3.2 4 pin female socket.

3.3 PH2.0 cable interface.


Adjustable knob, rotate clockwise, the smaller the value of OUT output, rotate counterclockwise, the larger the value of OUT output.

Working Voltage: 3.3V/5V