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Camera holder installation video for 77° and 120° camera

Camera holder installation video for 160° camera

On-board camera tutorial 

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Note: This tutorial only supports IMX219 sensor camera currently.

1. About wiring

Please complete the wiring between the camera module and the Jetson Nano board as shown below.



2. How to test the camera 

2.1 We need to open the terminal of Jetson Nano and input command: nvgstcapture-1.0

Then, press Enter on your keyboard.  You can see video screen. As shown below.



2.2 We can use several commands in the manual.

1)  --prev_res

This command is be used to preview the resolution, height and width of the video, CSI camera with a range of 2 to 12 (5632x4224) 

e.g:  nvgstcapture-1.0 --prev-res=3

As shown below:



2)  --cus-prev-res 

This command is be used to custom preview resolution, width and height, only support CSI camera

e.g:  nvgstcapture-1.0 --cus-prev-res=1920x1080

As shown below:



If multiple commands are used at the same time, we need to use ! separated.

If you want to turn off the camera, we need to input q directly in the terminal and press Enter.

If you want to capture the picture, we need to input “ j in the terminal and press Enter. The picture will be saved in the current directory.