This board possess 24 programmable RGB lights, each of which uses a highlight chip,  can be programmed to independently set the color of the light, just like an aura. The micro:bit board is connected in a locking manner and is connected to the expansion board by screws and a transparent acrylic plate. We also integrated a microphone on the expansion board, the on-board RGB lights can be controlled by this microphone. In addition, the expansion board is designed with Arduino pin holes and LEGO block holes. If you like micro:bit, want to learn Arduino and are interested in building blocks, you will need this expansion board.


1.24 high brightness programmable RGB lights.

2. On-board microphone.

3. Partial micro:bit and Arduino program are available.

4. Compatible with LEGO block.


Size: 88.1mm(Diameter)

Weight: 17.9g

Part List

1 x RGB LED expansion board

1 x Micro:bit fixed plate (acrylic)

1 x Micro USB cable

n x Fixing screw

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Micro:bit RGB LED halo expansion board (standard version)

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