Arduino Balance robot is a stable, rugged and durable two-wheel balance vehicle. We optimized the balancer algorithm, and the excellent software algorithm makes Arduino UNO as the core controller of the balance car. The car is a three-layer structure with a load capacity of more than 2KG. We adopt simple and clear modular design, which is suitable for balance car beginners. Arduino UNO board can be taken down easily for secondary development. You can control the car by Android mobile App remote controller connecting with Bluetooth module on the vehicle. This is a multi-functional, autonomous balanced two-wheel vehicle for all types of competitions and research projects.


  • RTR robot with directly charge system, you can play with it any time.

  • This robot adopts antiskid tires, aluminum alloy chassis, high-power motors and high-precision AB incremental hall encoder.

  • The high quality integrated circuit board is used as the core board of the car, and some direct plug interfaces for insertion of modules are designed on the core board.

  • It can be controlled by Bluetooth App remote controller by Android mobile. App supports multiple functions:changing control method at any time,such as buttons, gravity and rocker; viewing and debugging the current PID parameters of the vehicle directly; displaying waveform of acceleration, gyroscope and voltage simultaneously.

  • Open source code is PID Angle fusion and balance algorithm. After our  debugging carefully, we ensure that every vehicle can be used normally.

  • The vehicle can control the switch of the balance system automatically by posture recognition.



Rated Voltage:12V

Rated Power: 4.32W

Stall current: 2.8A

Rated Current:360mA


Rotate speed:11000rpm

Reduction ratio:1:40


Item: Dual phase increment hall encoder

Wire Speed:390

Supply voltage: 5.0V

Connection: PH2.0

Robot car

Size: 220*72*142mm

Weight: 900g

Wheel size: Dia;58mm; Width:26.5mm

MaterialMetal baseboard and acrylic board

Main controller: Arduino Uno

Gyroscope: MPU6050

Motor drive chip:TB6612fng

Remote control: Bluetooth

Power supply IC: iM2596S-5.0 IC


Encoder:Hall encoder

Working time: >12h

Maximum Permissible Gradient:15°

Maximum load:2KG

Battery: 18650 Li-po battery

Charge mode: Directly charging

Part List

1 x Arduino balance robot

3 x 18650 Li-po battery

1 x intelligent charger

1 x USB cable

1 x manual


Yahboom Arduino Balance Robot

Questions and Answers

I was carefully reading your documents on this Balance Robot. There something very confusing about the motor connections. GB37 is a geared motor with only 2 connections (M , M-) BUT in your pictures and wiring diagram you have 6 wires (M , M-, GND, VCC,B,A). Could you explain PLEASE…. Thanx.
on 2018-08-30


M-,M+ is the connection of GB37 motor, and the other four pins are the connection of hall speed code plate sensor.
Thank you for your reply. Now I can see as to why you have 6 wires going to the Motor. Is it possible to use a normal DC motor (GB37) with just to wires? I mean ...can the code be modified for this the normal motorjQuery33108996975817097492_1536313019225?
on 2018-09-07


You can connect the M+ pin of the motor (GB73) with the DC voltage of 5-12V, the M- pin with GND, and other pins do not connect with anything. Drive it like a regular DC motor. In the program, we use PWM for speed adjustment. The GB37 motor is normally equipped with a TB6612FNG motor driver board, because the single-chip processor \ raspberry PI arduino pin cannot output such high voltage.
I want to know how to charge to battery Please inform me. Thanks
on 2018-10-01


this robot is direct charging. Keep the battery in the battery box then connect the charger and socket next to the green plug.
Hi. I can't download Code on your website. (
on 2018-11-29


Hello Hoang, it is ok to download now.
Where can I find the datasheet for the hall effect rotary sensor?
on 2019-01-13


I am so sorry that we don't have the datasheet

Yahboom Arduino RTR balance smart robot

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