Yahboom Arduino UNO Starter Kit is suitable for Arduino beginners. We will complete various interesting experiments by some basic electronic components with Arduino UNO as the core. The experiment can be completed with easy wire connection and simple graphical programming instead of traditional electronic mode of drawing soldering.We offer 20 courses enable beginners to master the principles of electronic circuits, characteristic of components and method of basic programming and develop the practical ability. The content of the kit is sufficient, and each experiment is equipped with the corresponding tutorials, which contains the experimental principles, code analysis and experimental effect,etc. You will become an expert from a beginner with this Arduino UNO Starter Kit.


  • It include 23 kinds of simple electronic components for beginners, such as 4 kinds of display module,5 kinds of basic sensor module and and all kinds of resistors and so on.

  • Users can use the C language programming by Arduino IDE and Graphical programming by Mixly.

  • Each of the 20 courses contains electronic documentation of detailed Graphical programming and C language programming as reference.

  • High-quality double-layer storage box is provided to store electronic components.

  • The online learning documents on Yahboom official website are open at any time to obtain product information quickly and conveniently.


Main controller: Uno R3

Programming software: Arduino IDE, Mixly

Input: Flame sensor, Photosensitive sensor, Thermistor, IR remote receiver, Bottom,  Adjustable resistance, Tilt sensor

Output(display): LCD 1602 screen, 1 bit 7 segment display, 4 bit 7 segment display, 8*8 LED dot matrix display, LEDs

Output( driver): SG90 servo, stepper motor

Output(Sound): Active buzzer and Passive buzzer

Battery: 9v battery

Package size: 23*16*6cm (double)

Weight: 630g

Part List

1 x UNO R3

1 x USB cable

1 x LCD1602

1 x SG90 servo

1 x Flame sensor

1 x 830 points breadboard

1 x 170 points breadboard

1 x Component box

5 x 5mm red LED

5 x 5mm green LED

5 x 5mm yellow LED

1 x Active buzzer

1 x Passive buzzer

4 x Colorful button

1 x 1 bit 7 segment display

1 x 4 bit 7 segment display

1 x 8*8 LED dot matrix display

2 x Tilt shaking position switch

1 x Potentiometer

1 x Infrared emission sensor

1 x IR receiver diode sensor

2 x Photosensitive sensor

2 x Thermistor

1 x IR remote controller

1 x 9v battery connector

1 x 9v battery

1 x 5v stepper motor

1 x unl2003 driver board

1 x Breadboard jumper wires

1 x 5 pin dupont line(Male to Female)

1 x 74HC595 bridge DIP-16

1 x High quality retail box

10 x Resistor 220R

5 x Resistor 1KR

5 x Resistor 10KR


Yahboom Arduino basic starter kit

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Yahboom Arduino Uno R3 basic starter kit

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