This expandable 2 DOF camera PTZ possess a high-definition camera module that supports 480P resolution and can be manually adjusted for focal length. The black acrylic plate supports servos, which is beautiful and durable. It adopts USB2.0 interface and can be directly connected with USB interface, which is simple and convenient. The PTZ consisting of two servos can be rotated up and down by 180 degrees, left and right by 180 degrees. The surrounding picture can be seen from multiple angles.


  • It can shoot Multi-angle HD picture.

  • You can extend the connect to Raspberry Pi boards, smart cars and other devices.

  • We provide detailed installation steps for the PTZ.


System : Windows, Linux, Openwrt

Pixel: 300,000 pixels (480P resolution)

Output format: YUYV

Focus mode: manually adjust the focus

Rotation angle: 180 degrees left and right, 180 degrees up and down

Interface type: USB2.0

Size: 110*65mm

Weight: 53g

Part List

HD camera module  *1

Servo installation package  *2

PTZ installation bracket kit  *1

Camera data cable  *1

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Yahboom HD Camera Module Smart Vision Sensor Pan-Tilt Kit with 2 Pcs SG90 Micro Servos for Raspberry Pi

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