The Raspberry Pi lithium battery expansion board is equipped with capacity of 3800mAh and maximum discharge current of 1.8A. The power supply is stable and the power is strong, which supports the power supply of most Raspberry Pi accessories. For example: Raspberry Pi motherboard, camera, 5-inch display screen.


  • On-board charging boost 2 in 1 chip.

  • 1 Micro USB charging interface and 2 USB power output interfaces.

  • Some screws and copper columns for supporting.

  • With CHG LED and ON LED.


Function of CHG LED:

ON: The charger for constant current charging

Off: The charger is rushed until the lithium battery is full.

Function of ON LED:

ON: Output 5V to the outside on USB-A interface

Off: No voltage output on USB-A interface


Battery capacity: 3800mAH

Maximum discharge current: 1.8A

No-load output voltage: 5.1 + 0.1V / 5.1 - 0.1V

Standard charging current / voltage: 1.0A/5.0V

Lithium battery saturation voltage: 4.18V-4.2V

Working time: 4 hours

Part List

Raspberry Pi PowerPack Circuit Board (with lithium battery)*1

Copper column *4

Screw *4

Nut *4

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Raspberry Pi lithium battery expansion board

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