YahboomRobot is an integrated APP that controls multiple robots designed by Yahboom. Users can control multiple robots by downloading one APP, avoiding the embarrassment of downloading an independent control APP for each robot. This APP is comprehensive and easy to use. It also supports iOS and Android mobile phones, and is well received by users at home and abroad.

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MakerControl is a simple and universal DIY remote control APP, which can help makers,

developers and players to quickly connect and remotely control DIY works.This software already supports iOS/Android system at the same time

It has streamlined commands and open interface, users can easily remote control: servo group, robotic arm, FPV remote control car, ROS robot and other products. We will continue to update more interesting remote control cases to lower the threshold of DIY. In addition, users can remotely control their own robots according to communication protocol we provided.

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Yahboom ROS Robot

Yahboom ROS Robot is designed specifically for ROS robot, it support iOS/Android, and compatible with ROS1/ROS2.

Its functions include dynamic control of ROS system, SLAM mapping navigation and camera image transmission. The user can remotely debug the ROS robot on the mobile phone.

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Yahboom CAM

Yahboom CAM is a WiFi image transmission remote control APP that supports iOS and Android.

It communicates with the image transmission module through WiFi, can display video images in real time, and can also remotely control robots and 2DOF PTZ.

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Mbit is an APP specially designed for micro:bit robots and supports iOS and Android phones.

It communicates with micro: bit via Bluetooth. In addition to simple control of robot movement, buzzer music playback, switching of RGB light colors and light effects, it can also switch the mode of the robot, including obstacle avoidance mode, line patrol mode, etc. This APP is suitable for remote control of micro:bit products.

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PC_ host computer (V4.0)

Yahboom has a variety of PC-side host computer software for robots, which can support DOFBOT robotic arms, Pi-motion platforms, development boards, development kits, smart cars, etc. Users can connect and control the host computer by downloading the corresponding product, and perform sensor detection, robot remote control, and AI vision gameplay. This is very suitable for laboratory and classroom teaching demonstration control.

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