ROS operating system

ROS is a highly flexible software architecture for writing robot software programs. It contains a large number of tool software, library codes and agreements, designed to simplify the difficulty and complexity of cross-robot platform creation.

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Helloblock is a graphical programming software developed by Yahboom and supports Arduino programming. This software has added a variety of library files adapted to smart cars and learning kits, and supports simultaneous display and comparison of graphical interfaces and code interfaces. It is suitable for the study and use of graphical programming transition to C language programming.


MakeCode offline version

The offline version of MakeCode is provided by the official team of Microsoft Makecode. It provides interesting projects, instant results, block editor and text editor for learners of different levels. It is not restricted by the network and can be used at any time, suitable for teaching Micro:bit courses in schools with limited network conditions.


Mu editor

Mu Editor is an IDE integrated development support tool that supports python. It has powerful functions and supports ADAFRUIT's PythPython mode, My:BIT version of PyPython, PyPrGAME zero and standard Python 3 programming. The grammar checking function covered can improve the efficiency of code writing.


Arduino IDE

As a programming software that supports a variety of Arduino hardware, by calling open source hardware library files, it greatly reduces the difficulty for beginners to learn C language to control the microcontroller, thereby completing their own project development faster, saving learning costs, and shortening the development cycle .


Jupyter lab

As a web-based integrated development environment, Jupyter Lab has a flexible and powerful user interface. You can use it to operate the terminal, open the interactive mode, view the camera screen and other functions. The Python interactive mode can directly enter the code, then execute it, and get the result immediately, so the Python interactive mode is mainly for debugging Python code, suitable for Raspberry Pi and Jetson series development boards.



CanMV IDE is an integrated K210 chip development environment consisting of a powerful text editor, a frame buffer viewer, a histogram display, and an integrated serial terminal for debugging output. It supports microPython syntax, and with many functions such as real-time camera display, video recording, file transfer, function prompts, keyword search and replacement, online running programs, serial port terminal debugging, and writing K210 firmware.

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