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1、 Q1:"Oops - unable to determine board type... model:13."

2、Q2: If you Bluetooth APK is not connect properly,

3、Q3: Cannot see the video screen on the PC side

4、Q4:How to kill bluetooth process

5、Q5: How to modify IP address of the WiFi hotspot that comes with our car

6、Q6: Oops - unable to determine board type... model: 17

7、Q7: How to modify Yahboom_Tank password.

8、Q9: If you use Samsung phone, didn't connect Bluetooth.

9、Q10: The gear cannot be inserted into every hole of the track accurately

10、Q11. Can't make your car connect your home WiFi.

11、Q12: How to extract zip/rar file.

12、Q13: Connect your home wifi, but can't surf the Internet

13、Q14: Solution for camera cannot use

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