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Human Body infrared sensor



1. Description of Pin


1-1  Position of Pins


2.Adjustable resistor

2-1  Position of adjustable resistor

2-1) Adjusting the distance potentiometer to rotate clockwise, the sensing distance is increased (about 7 meters), and rotate anticlockwise, the sensing distance is reduced (about 3 meters).

2-2)Adjusting the delay potentiometer to rotate clockwise, the induction delay is longer (about 300s), and rotate anticlockwise, the induction delay is shortened (about 0.5s).

3.Mode choice


The module possess two trigger modes: (jumper selection)

Non-repeatable trigger mode: 

After the induction output high level, the output will automatically change from high level to low level when the delay time period is over.

Repeatable trigger mode:

After the induction output high level, during the delay period, if the human body is active in its sensing range, its output will remain high until the person leaves, the  high level will change to low level in the delay time.

Hardware connection: (The definition of the pin can be changed in the program by yourself)

The output level of module is 3.3V, which can be directly connected to the IO of MCU, or it can be connected to the AD module to  accurately judge the signal.


We will provide Arduino driver source code.