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15.6-inch HD touch screen User Manual

Dear Customer,thank you for purchasing our portable monitor.In order to give you a better experience, please read this user manual before use.

1. Button,interface and instructions

① button and interface diagrams


a. Button description

Power button: There is no response to the screen after connecting the phone or computer,pls press the power button for a long time to turn on the display.

Volume+: Increase the volume.

Volume- : Decrease the volume.

Signal input: The default is automatic selection,when the display screen is connected to the device,the input mode of the signal can be selected manually,there are “DP”(for phone)and “HDMI”(for computer or other devices) two options.

Brightness button: Adjust brightness.

Screen support:A pen or others that fits the hole size can be used as a stand to prop up the entire screen.(Shown as below picture)


b. Interface

HDMI port:HDMI 1.4 version,connect to the corresponding HDMI interface device can be used.

Type-C USB port: Support for devices above Type-C USB 3.1,the interface has the function of data transfer,audioand video transfer.

Standard USB port: Support keyboard and mouse with cable,BT one or other USB devices(It doesn’t support Apple device for the time being).BT keyboard can match with bluetooth of phone(For specific operation,please consult BT device supplier).

Audio port:Earphones and related audio devices can be plugged in for use.

Power port: Power for the display.

② Adjustable angle leather case(optional)

· Magnet leather case:Leather case built-in magnet,the leather case and machine are connected to each other by a magnet.And the case can be removed at any time.

·  3M glue leather case:There is 3M glue on the leather case,remove the paster of 3M glue and paste on the machinealign on two side and paste by one-time.Then machine and the leather case cant be separated.



③Diagram of device interface connection

·For computer




·For phone



Note: if the device has been connected in the correct way and cannot be normally used, please restart the phone or computer and select the corresponding signal source channel through the "signal input" button

④ Instructions for portable display

①  Mobile phone(Type-C) or computer device is connected to the display via type-c male to male data cable or HDMI cable.

②  After the charging prompt apprears on the phone,the connection can be completed by unlocking,and the screen of the phone or computer will show on the display.

③  The display will has touch function when the phoneconnected. If you need to use touchfunction when computer connected, please connect the“type-C to USB” cable to USB port of computer based on Windows 7 system above. (some pure version systems may not support touch function withoutdriver, please install by youself.)

④If the computer needs to split screen, please set according to the corresponding shortcut key (if in doubt, please connect to the corresponding computer supplier)


2. Trouble shooting

①Why is the machine not displayed?

Please connect the power supply when using to prevent the power shortage.

②Why does the machine display logo with no image and only boot screen?

Check whether the signal data cable of the device is connected properly, whether the HDMI cable or Type-C cable is connected to the device properly, to ensure that the device is running normally (restart device and display ), phone users can update the system attempt, computer users can update the drive attempt.

③Why does the flash screen appear when the AMD computer connects to HDMI?

Please check if the HDMI output value of your graphics card is 1920*1080P 60Hz.

④Why is the display not displaying images after a Type-C connector is connected?

Make sure that your model is on the list of supported mobile phones.

After restarting the mobile phone and the display, the corresponding signal source channel is selected through the "signal input" button.

⑤ Why can’t the speakers make a sound?

Check whether the display has set the silence or the volume to "0", and then set the device's voice in the volume settings option on the device.