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Introduction of Infrared module

1. Working principle

The basic principle of the infrared sensor is to use the reflective nature of the object. Within a certain range, if there is an obstacle, the infrared rays will encounter obstacle and will be reflected to reach the sensor receiving pin.

After processing, the signal is returned to the micro-controller through the digital sensor interface, and the micro-controller can use the return signal to identify changes in the surrounding environment.


2.Practical application

2.1 Infrared avoid or infrared follow

2.2 As human detection


3.About module

image.png  image.png 

3.1 Infrared module possess 4 Alligator clip port, Corresponding to GND, VCC, NC and OUT. OUT pin is the signal output pins of the module.

3.2 4 pin female socket.

3.3 PH2.0 cable interface.

It can detect if there are obstacles.

Working Voltage: 3.3V/5V