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Raspberry Pi Pico Sensor Expansion Board


It expand all pins on the Raspberry Pi Pico board. Every two adjacent pins are combined with GND and VCC to form a 4Pin PH2.0 interface, which can be connected to various sensors through the PH2.0 cable. We also designed the servo pins, SPI, serial and IIC interface. In addition, we reserve the Raspberry Pi Pico 40pin on both sides of the board socket in the form of pin headers. Users can freely choose to connect the module with a PH2.0 cable or DuPont cable.



Tailored for Raspberry Pi Pico and sensors.

Support PH2.0 cable and DuPont cable to connect any module.

4 brick holes are reserved, which can be combined with bricks to build any shape.

Perfectly compatible with Yahboom world of module series and 3-in-1 sensor modules.